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Our mission

Maximum performance

The earth is surrounded by oceans

We have everything needed for success, all our partners need is to point them to the way ahead. What is missing is a decision to make an effort with the will to do good deeds.  In this country, over the past decades, we have built a system of sustainable fishing guided by efficiency and social responsibility.

Goal policies for companies and institutions

We need to approach the task with care and without threats. Needs analysis is important, as well as teaching the parties involved in implementing our approach. The cooperation of many different organizations is important both here at home and abroad

"The Blue Economy" is a forward-thinking organization committed to enhancing the sustainability of fisheries management through the innovative use of machine learning (ML) technologies. By transitioning from traditional assessment models to more advanced data-driven approaches, the organization aims to address the complexities of marine ecosystems effectively.

Key initiatives

  1. Implementation of Machine Learning Models: The organization has developed ML models that outperform traditional methods like SAM (State-space Assessment Model) and GADGET (Globally Applicable Area-Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox) by learning from vast datasets, which leads to more accurate predictions of fish stock levels.

  2. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): By conducting EDA on fishing fleet data, the organization has provided new insights into the seasonal and annual variations in fish populations, which are critical for setting accurate fishing quotas.

  3. ML-driven Stratification for Stock Assessment: A significant advancement has been the use of ML to create new stratification methods for stock assessment. This approach considers multiple environmental and biological variables, thus providing a more robust framework for stock prediction.

  4. Collaboration and Data Sharing: Engaging in collaborative efforts with research institutes and leveraging data from various sources, including international databases, to enrich the datasets used for model training.

  5. These efforts highlight the organization's commitment to employing cutting-edge technology to ensure the sustainability and health of marine fisheries, contributing to a more robust understanding and management of marine resources.


Our logo

How do we bring our knowledge of the Blue Economy to nations that live by oceans and lakes so that they can develop with their ecosystems and use them in a sustainable way. This project is about explaining and selling Icelandic expertise to nations that need our advice to maintain their fishing and management of their businesses.

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